TCM Naked Truth season 3 all set to release in Feb with Dr M Moiz

Hyderabad: 30 January 2022: Dr M Moiz is doing outstanding work for the transgender community, he is appearing for TCM, he admired them and their work and said that, I have been following diligently and have been blown away by their work. One of their lead journalists was threatened by none other than TTP itself so when TCM reached out to me and said they want to do something together, my answer was a resounding yes and I told them that I've already met them in the aalam-e-arwah (more on that later). We shot the season 3 of Naked Season in freezing cold in Islamabadi nights under the open sky, and that wasn't the toughest part. The previous face of Naked Truth is Julie Khan; a behemoths of wit. And I was going through a phase where I was at an emotional low and I thought I may not be able to fill those shoes. But once we started shooting, things flew and magic happened. A lot of our episodes are going to be very hard hitting. This time we examined Pakistan not just through a contemporary lens but also a historical one. We talk foreign policy, climate change, pan-Islamism and Hindutva, and also the very first Muslim League and the elitist origins of Pakistan's very first legislative assemblies. In short, we break every idol that has been fed to us since 1947. And that's simultaneously scary and exciting.Our first episode comes out on the 4th of February. Wish me luck and I hope I've done you all justice. If I haven't, I apologize

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