Hyderabad: 5 Dec 2022: "Please forgive me"
She cried
To the heavy skies.
The clouds darkened
And the thunder roared.
A voice bellowed from the deep emptiness,
"No, I cannot forgive you".
The storm carried her;
She was drowning in angry rain.
She took the pain.
But again, she cried to the skies
"Please forgive me"
Lightning bolts echoed a reply
"No! I cannot forgive you".
Confused in thoughts,
She spiralled
To a place
She had never been.
Green fields, filled with purple roses
Beautied her eyes.
An old sycamore tree called her name and she
Floated to his wisdom.
There she saw her;
A little girl, curled up,
Tucked into her pain.
Tears were dripping through the hands that
Hid the sadness in her eyes.
"Don't cry little girl" she said
"Let me hold you close till your tears soak my heart. Let me take your pain for you are so young. I am older, stronger, wiser. Let me take your worries so you can be free."
She gently touched the little girls shoulder
And waited patiently as the girl slowly raised her head;
Such a familiar face;
Such innocence;
Such truth,
And in a flash
She was back
In the eye
Of her storm.
She breathed in.
She breathed out.
She smiled
As the winds calmed around her.
"I forgive me" she said.
The sun broke through the clouds
And shone light to her heart.
"I love you"
Sang the heavens in
Joyful chorus.
Heather Lea

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