Hyderabad 15 October 2022: Two wolves howled at her door one night;
Both in hunger, both in fright;
She let them in out of the cold,
And there the story doth unfold.
One wolf 'twas with darkened fur,
And eyes of glare that fear doth stir.
The other, white as fallen snow
With eyes of radiance and glow.
With not much broth within her pot;
No meat to offer from her cloth;
She offered them her plated meal.
They shared the food with speeded zeal.
So calmed was she by wolves contrasted;
The friendship seemed forever lasted;
Felt she to always fill their plate,
And keep the wolves as trusted mates.
The days went by and food was sparse;
The wolves could not relieve their starve,
And howling of them doth ensued;
She struggled with the endless feud.
Then one day, one chunk of meat
Did fall arriving at her feet.
Not thinking of her hungered self,
She placed the meat upon the shelf.
Studying the wolves in lack,
She noticed spines upon their back.
The dark wolf, pacing, growled with angst;
The white, just weakening, lost in pangs.
The dark did growl upon the white
And show his teeth in sharpened fright.
The white, it took no heed of fear;
Just shivered down with droopened ear.
Both wolves now starving for a feed,
But just one meat cant feed both's need,
So she chose to feed the white;
So soft, accepting of his plight.
With this, the black he jumped in need,
And went to find the nearest feed;
Upon her arm he went to bite,
But strengthened now was wolf so white!
Now with energy a flight,
The white wolf grabbed with all his might,
And took upon the blackened dark,
And did not stop till no more bark.
Her and white now live complete;
Filled with love, no lack through need;
Both sharing food that comes their way;
Both trusted friends for all their days.
For when she chose to feed the white,
All the dark did lose the fight.
Never now, was there a need
To feed the darkened teeth of greed.

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