Hyderabad: 21 August 2022: Despite the entire convoluted system standing against him and his party, Imran Khan continues to fight the honourable fight and shine brighter. The Pakistani awaam recognises this and perhaps, this explains how he remains the only mainstream national political leader who simply sounds out a call and they come rushing in droves, with families. The passion is unbelievable as these pictures of only children last night at the rally in Islamabad show!
All day you pick bones with the most trivial stuff (statements), out of sheer prejudice (I say so because miraculously all the others seem to escape your scrutiny if this was indeed the criteria). It's almost as if he's the centre of your ire and you've been assigned to throw stones. TBH, he does switch between coming down hard and being forced to take a reality check for the long haul because he and his party will suffer the consequences of exactly that. We all know how convoluted the system is; even in real life you have to sometimes compromise on what is doable and what is not. You can't expect people, let alone someone in his frustratingly hot cauldron to be picture perfect, immune to human frailties, and then have them judge from a pedestal. Try giving yourself a break, if not him!

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