Lahore: 10 Jan 2023: She's grieving her goodbyes while he waits to say hello.
She is yearning for his vision, her eyes won't let him go.
She's missing all he was but now he is of all.
She feels him in the lack so she cannot hear his call.
He whispers love in feathers but she's searching for his wings.
He calls her in the music, and in every word that sings.
He kisses her with raindrops that fall upon her face.
He twinkles at her truth from every star in space.
But she's falling to an empty place where angels fail to fly.
She needs to feel the love he is by reaching up on high.
In the wind he whistles, ne'er to say goodbye,
Forever sending feathers to help her on this plight.
One day she will remember the truth they hold together
And then his love can hold, surround her with forever.
Soon she'll feel that glow as his love lights up her star,
Till then he loves in whispers - just a twinkle from afar.

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