Taliban eager to seek recognition from int powers but do not go well with commitments


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 1 January 2022: Taliban is in power since August 2021 and since they are striving for recognition, on the other side as recent news reports and United States institute of peace experts said, two major factors drive the Taliban for recognition. 1 of them is their dilapidated economic reserves and the second is a humanitarian need, hunger, and looming deaths of Afghans. Their freeze money will be provided to them after recognition.
But the group has done very little to demonstrate their willingness to international commitments and respect the talks and discussions and terms and conditions by international powers and regional powers.
Watkins from unites states institute for peace said their eagerness to recognition is for their economic need, assets unfrozen, and humanitarian assistance, and other uplifting and hunger curbing program for their people because they are unable to manage.
Appointments at a high level:
Group has appointed their reliable and former spokesperson Suhail Shaheen as the ambassador to the UN. They have repeatedly urged the embassies of regional states and others us and china Russia India to reopen and work. Moreover, the steady tempo of high-level diplomacy is also going on with regional and neighboring states.
Current situation: however, the government is not different than any authoritarian rule, in Afghanistan, their government includes few international blacklist people, despite the big claim their group does not include women, minority faction representation. They did not welcome diversity at all. Journalists are not allowed to work freely, demonstrations are not allowed. As they are known for their stubbornness, they by sustaining their claim renamed their government as Islamic emirate, despite a joint diplomatic statement by the USA, Russia, Pakistan, china that they can’t keep this name.
Pakistan prefers engagement over isolation:
PM IK agreed to recognize Afghanistan conditionally, only if Afghanistan works seriously in fulfilling those referring to an agreement that took place in17 Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) summit in Dushanbe in between Pakistan, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan.
The conditions were:
Inclusive government in Afghanistan,
2 respecting human rights
3 Plus Afghan land will not be used against any other state for terrorism purposes or proxy.
TTP activities against Pakistan:
TTP has already started activities against the Pakistani state via using Afghan land, even in the present-day nearly 6000 TTP most dangerous people are having a peaceful sanctuary in Afghanistan.
Afghan arrival in Afghanistan emboldened TTP to an enormous level, they are an unchallenged entity there.
Pakistani senior politicians are of the view that TTP will help Pakistan to coax TTP and help in dialogue. Except for the generic guarantee that TTP will not use afghan land against Pakistan, there is no clear answer from them.
United states: recognition is the only lever through which the USA can exert pressure on the Taliban, the more countries remain united on the recognition front the more things can get better. Recognition will give them the degree of legitimacy and help them to ease in smoothly flowing in finances and other assistance. Taliban must work for the most immediate objectives of access for humanitarian aid and freedom of movement for Afghan refugees, not to mention the broader priorities of the inclusive government, respect for human rights, and counterterrorism assurances.
Challenges: there is a growing concern that how humanitarian assistance should be condition-free and common people should not die, Via EU. The challenge is how to channelize that assistance without recognizing the government there.

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