Tatoo, and its logical explanation


Hyderabad: 4 October 2022: As regards the tattoo is concerned there's a hadith which prohibits people from getting their skin pricked. The very logical explanation i read was by Javed ahmed ghamidi in which he said this Hadith is in the context of old people because they used to have tattoos to show their lineage and tribe from which they belonged. And this is why prophet prohibited it them. Another explanation which was very logical to me was, as this body is god's amanat and we've no right to hurt ourselves as we don't owe this body. Having a tattoo is indeed a painful process and maybe that's why it is discouraged in Islam.
But all the myths that claim, 'Wuzu nahi hoga', 'Ghusal nahi hoga' are all false. Reason being wuzu or ghusal are done over the skin while tattoos are carved under the human skin where water doesn't even reach. So scientifically this wuzu concept is wrong.
Coming towards your concern, bro why do u want to hurt yourself for a guy?:p what if he leaves? Is he worthy enough? Will he do the same for you? All this is very stupid and cringe stuff.
If u still want to have it you can get your guidance by any mufti or ulema your family follows. But i would suggest you not to hurt yourself for a guy

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