Thatta, Experts call for joint efforts to protect Wildlife


Thatta: 6 December 2022: Thatta/Keti Bunder December 6, 2022: Wildlife is confronted with serious challenges in Pakistan which need to be addressed through joint efforts. The population of various species is dwindling which can be restored through the engagement of relevant government agencies, civil society organizations, and local communities. This was stated by speakers during the World Wildlife Conservation Day 2022 observed at Keti Bunder, Thatta. Speakers said that human activities such as deforestation, and illegal wildlife trade, coupled with climate change has grown so dramatically that since the mid-20th century, environmental conditions that fostered our development and growth are beginning to deteriorate.
The theme of the day for this year is ‘Recovering key species for ecosystem restoration.’
This calls for taking practical steps to contribute towards nature conservation and restoration of wildlife in their natural habitat. All relevant government departments, conservation organizations, and local communities should come forward and show a strong commitment to the conservation and protection of threatened species. The robust planning, implementation, and on-ground conservation efforts can help restore wildlife.
Irfan Nizamani, Assistant Commissioner Keti Bundar said that Indus delta is facing several challenges of freshwater supply, seawater intrusion, and climate change. As a result, various species of wild animals, including fish stocks are decreasing in the coastal belt. He called for concerted efforts to promote conservation and protection of wildlife and appreciated the efforts of local communities in increasing the forest cover through regular plantation activities.

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