The 3 a.m thoughts....


Hyderabad: 17 July 2022: She was sitting there waiting for you as you were sending your last business email. You were hurrying up and would only be a couple minutes, so you can put work aside for the rest of the night. She was waiting on the bed in that little number you like. The blue lace one. She wondered what you had up your sleeve for tonight. What tricks you had planned. What limits you'd push. What she'd become in your hands. But if you looked up from your phone in that moment, you would see that little devilish corner grin she had. That daring luring look she gives you when she turns her head to look at you. She came ready to play. To tease and goad you as she only knows how. To raise the stakes, to elevate your wanting insatiable desire. Just pray you brought your demons in the door to match hers tonight. You're in for a match".

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