The Abandoned Ghost Ship of Wisconsin

Spain: 15 March 2023: Shipwrecks along the Mississippi River and waterways in general aren't that uncommon. A ship resting in Prairie du Chien (which is a town of 6,000 people) wouldn't be that outlandish considering where it is. It's near the confluence of the Mississippi and Wisconsin Rivers and serves as a gateway between the Mighty Mississippi and the Great Lakes. Part of what makes the history of one shipwreck weird is that it rests on land.
In a field, near a golf course, sits the L. Wade Childress. According to Only In Your State, it used to be a tugboat on the Mississippi River and was in service for 40 years after being built in 1948. It was tied up during a particularly brutal winter and ice chunks and weather got to it and prompted it to sink on December 12, 1985.
It sank in Fort Madison, Iowa. That's 3 and a half hours away from Prairie du Chien.It was pulled out of the river in March 1986 and it was converted into a quarterboat. But that's the last factual thing that's known about it. A rumor has circulated for years that the plan was to turn the old tugboat into a bed-and-breakfast. But that clearly hasn't come to fruition.
The L. Wade Childress aka "Ghost Ship"

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