The End of the year


Hyderabad: 1 January 2023: Every time we reach this day —the end of the year— we sit and wonder about the things we did wrong, the ways we disappointed ourselves, all our failures and setbacks. We nitpick our faults and make sure that we don't commit the same mistakes in the future. I hope that when this day ends, your errors aren't all that you remember. I hope you remember the days that were awfully heavy and you made it through anyway. I hope you remember the times when you picked yourself up and took care of your heart and body. I hope you remember the times when you felt hopeless but you didn't stop believing in yourself, even when it felt futile. I hope you remember those little steps of bravery you took despite your fear. I hope you take great pride in the small acts of kindness that you showed even when there was no one to witness it. For all the times, when you petted the animals and fed the birds and for all the times, when you made minor but important changes to become a better version of yourself— I hope you remember all of that, too. I hope that when you reach the end of the year, you take the lessons that the world taught you but you also remember to pat yourself for making it through every single day. You might feel like you are on the verge of collapsing but I assure you that it will turn out okay eventually. I hope that in the coming year you don't doubt yourself, you believe in all that you have become and all that you are becoming. I hope that you get braver and do things anyway even if you are trembling in fear. I hope you don't forget that you are more important than your flaws. This year, envision the you that you most enjoy, the you that you are happiest with. I hope you become that favourite version of yourself.

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