The President Arif Alvi , returns 2 Bills ,NAB and Election Reforms

Islamabad: 4 June 2022: The President returns 2 Bills (NAB and Election Reforms) to the Prime Minister on account of 'not having done enough deliberations.' What a lousy reason when the NAB bill was actually debated in committee, and agreed upon by Shah Mehmood, over a year ago.
The same President had no objections passing the HEC Ordinance (twice), the NAB Ordinance and God knows tens of Ordinances and also give assent to 20+ Bill passed by National Assembly in one sitting of an hour without any deliberations.
Neither did Arif Alvi act constitutionally then, nor has he acted constitutionally now.
Unfortunately when your oath of allegience is to a person and not your country, you get people like Arif Alvi

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