The Universe in a Nutshell

Hyderabad: 17 October 2021: We were made to be able to see and understand the universe around us. Without being able to see red shift it would be difficult to understand if a star was further or closer to us. It is also true that black/dark and white/light are the two primary components of the universe though and without refraction/bending and gravity//warping and other effects such as atmosphere/refraction that we would not see these colors. We would only see light and dark. That’s it. There are living creatures on this planet that are not developed enough to recognize anything but black and white and navigate and hunt by shadows only. Food for thought. Colour vision is the ability to differentiate different wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation. Example- For us the visible spectrum is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that is visible to human eye ,(wavelength of radiation -380 -750 nanometres.)We simply call it light. Colour vision depends uopn how a brain perceives lights of different wavelengths.The photo receptors in our eyes gives us ability to detect the presence and intensity of light and allows our brain to create vision of real word. It is not necessary that other animals also see the world in same colours as we humans do, they may have ability to detect wide range of wavelength , and have more photo receptors. Thus they may have more developed colour vision.Technically, color is an illusion created by our brain!

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