The dilapidated condition of Sindh after floods.


Salma Soomro
Karachi: 29 Dec 2022: The cry of Sindh floods and its poor people has gone missing on the deaf Ruling class in 2022 Sindh has faced devastating floods; total of 88 districts of Pakistan have been swept in heavy rains out of its 169 districts. Nothing is left ,whereas Karachi and Hyderabad to some extent remained safe , but the rural areas of Hyderabad went under the flood water. People lost their all belongings, agricultural land , ready crop of rice and other cash fields as well as infrastructure . Collectively they have been swept away in this recent floods and back to square one. As a result of this devastating flood 786 deaths have been reported, and 8422 people were injured.
During this hard time International and national organization come forth for the help of the flood affected people. But the Aid and Government support to the flood affected people is not enough as compare to the loss they they been through.
The Government local administration was not prepared for such heavy rains, it was already under the international debt IMF, facing economic crisis. During this time facing heavy floods in 88 districts was nothing less than Doomsday.
The current situation before the floods were not even ideal, Think for a moment, Pakistan is one of the state that is 5th most populous , its poverty ratio is 9.7 .
17.5 million people are already living below the poverty line.
Pakistan is in the red climate zone, the floods are likely to show its dark side in coming years. Already, Pakistani indicators of health , education and infrastructure were going down; when this country compared with developed states , developing other regional countries.
Earlier floods it was 143 on health and 145 on education.
Now 20 thousand s schools have been vanished away and according to International Labor organization nearly 23 million children are school drop out.

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