The ideal man is neither rich nor Handsome but....


Quetta: 8 December 2022: "What was she waiting for? For someone to understand her without her needing to explain it fully. Waiting for someone to understand she's in her own Pandora's Box. Full of hidden thoughts, hidden emotions, hidden screams, hidden pain, hidden sensuality. Hoping they understand once she's open, and without judgement. For someone not to think she's being too sensitive and over-thinking or dramatic. Because she's a whirlwind of thoughts and deep emotions. For someone to understand her level of inner pain and hurt. For someone to understand why she doesn't trust easily and always on gaurd. To understand why she's quiet around groups and mainly listens taking it all in. Waiting for someone to calm her storms and know the signs when one is brewing. Waiting to be pulled out of the tepid water she's drowning in. Waiting for someone to understand her just with one look from her. Waiting for someone to cause her body to arch in chills with just a touch or a bite. For someone to know how her mind works, and how her body responds. Waiting for someone to take her to new heights and push her body. For someone to feel something is off with her-even when he's not with her. Waiting for someone to love her with all the fiber of his being, because God knows she definitely will. For someone to know her better than anyone else. To be her home....her safe place...her calm...her steadiness...her pleasure...and be part of her soul."

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