The intimacy of being understood.


Hyderabad, Monday, 26 September 2022 She's used to holding things in. She always was that way. She was always the strong one. Always there as the advice giver for other people's problems. The go-to person for people to vent. That was her role. She was fine with that. She was comfortable in that skin. But what happens when she's the one who finally needs to vent and someone to lean on? She becomes quiet. She holds it in and keeps a lot to herself. She doesn't want to burden people listening to her issues and feelings. Always being the strong one, she doesn't want to seem weak or feel vulnerable. She doesn't want to be misunderstood or judged either. So let me say this...if she decides to open up in such a raw way where she unleashes everything she's feeling and going through to you so openly, know that she feels totally safe with you. She feels at ease, safe, and comfortable enough with you to be 100% open with you. She's not that way with many at all. She feels safe to put herself out there in the open. Naked in every sense of the word. So never take that as a small act or gesture. Just dont listen...really hear her. For her to do that is a huge thing in her world. Trust me. I know, because she's me.

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