The milk seller in Turkey, which was memorized by history


Turkey: 1 Jan 2023: The milk seller in Turkey, which was memorized by history
Following the fall of the Ottoman Caliphate, France entered the state of (Kahraman) in southern Turkey, and all Turkish women were wearing alcohol at that time.
The French general, the ruler, saw Turkish women drunk, and he said to them: The state of your caliphate has gone, and now you are under French rule, so take off your hijab. Women refused to take off the hijab.
The cursed extended his hand to take off the hijab from a woman, and near him was a Turkish man selling milk, his name: Imam Sotjo (meaning Sot: milk, Sotjo meaning: milk seller) and if the milk seller (Imam) takes the Muslim diet and changes it to women, he took the gun from the general's belt and killed him with it ..
After this incident, a great revolution led to the expulsion of the French enemy, and the liberation of the terrifying city of Qahraman.
Later a statue named (Imam Sotjo, the editor of Marash state) was erected in which a picture of a veiled woman, the general holding the hijab, and the hero Imam kills him with a pistol.. The story of the hero Imam is taught in schools.
- And now there is a Turkish university called (Imam Sotjo)
So are many endowments and charities bearing his name

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