The power of the River Sindhu is Divine


Hyderabad:23 /8/2022: How a false blasphemy accusation transpired in Sindh, how it turned into a mob, and how Sindh Police moved in swiftly, and how the false accusation was then confessed by the mob leader, is why no matter how shit the police overall gets I'll always say that Sindh Police is miles and miles ahead of Punjab Police.
Institutional reform goes a long way, and Sindh Police's senior most bureaucracy's commitment to change is definitely beginning to show results.
This is one very very healthy sign of positive development.I refuse to use the word minority when celebrating. Our fellows of different faiths than Islam are all our brothers, sisters, and assorted siblings in Pakistan. Sindh should must never lose its multicultural diverse identity, that Sufism and indigenous cultures have preserved for so long.
The power of the River Sindhu is Divine
Dr moiz

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