The shortcoming that unglorified the Pakistani state.

Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 30 December 2021: Except repenting on the past Muslims of today have nothing on their plate. The glory we enjoyed as Muslims over the rest of the world and Europe was based on educational advancement simply and the right decisions at the state level. Currently, Muslims are left behind as compared to others, extremism has increased to an enormous level.
Ahmed T Kurur Political science scholar researched the topic of the downfall of Muslims particularly, he studied nearly 1500 years of Muslim history to find out where the lacking took place and why Muslims fall at the bottom. As a result of his research and work he finds out in his book Islam, authoritarianism, and underdevelopment that in previous times, the state prioritised traders, philosophers, and artists, Whereas their downfall, took place when the state/ elite( because elite runs state ) changed this hierarchy: they prioritize Mulla and soldiers over philosophers and traders. To this, we can say Mulla military alliance with the elite class resulted in the fall of the glorious status of Muslims. (their closeness could be seen at Faizabad dharna as well)
That was the undoing of the state and glory of Muslims.
Let's compare Bangladesh and Pakistan, the Bangladeshi government has restricted their religious personalities to the mosque and spiritual practices distanced them from politics. Whereas in Pakistan, Mulla intervention can be seen here in Pakistan everywhere. They were used, as a strategy to fulfill certain aims. This deadly alliance is going on for 70 years. They were used for violent projects, when these monsters tried to get out of control, the elite, the ruling class had to shut them off forcefully to maintain the status quo.
Earlier the situation was not as deadly as it is today Pakistan is facing:
TLP is more violent and harmful than jihadi tanzeem: and here is the reason why I am saying this, the Jihadis and extremists were not mainstream earlier, whereas TLP with their anarchic nature has already won the election, and now gearing up for upcoming elections.
They have gathered street power with the help of innocent minds, they have the hands-on pulse of lower-middle-class people in the name of religions and blasphemy.
3) Even jihadist claimed that they will start acting on the orders of their "amir" their leader if the state failed to take action against the alleged "culprit" /blasphemers, contrary: anarchists of TLP has given free hand to their people to be executioner, judge, and jury on the spot. This is Anarchy, the deadly form of anarchy, no state could afford this whether democratic or undemocratic. The first responsibility of the state is to protect its citizen and maintain rule of law against anarchists.
In Pakistan, no single party is representing the poor class of Pakistan. PPP in their earlier years was the voice of the poor and lower-middle-class, now it has become the party of selected clans and warlords. PMLN represented the interest of the upper-middle class and businessmen. and PTI emerged as the party of the urban middle class( at least they claimed to represent youth )So TLP targeted the poor and lower-middle-class, represented their anger, and tied them to the name of religion to create their vote bank.
Shortcomings of Current Government (PTI)
The government tried to channel the opponent political parties during their governance, they tried every harsh technique to sensor them and cut their voice, as a result, there remain only anarchists parties like TLP to gain coverage and become the voice of voiceless, so they emerged and harmed our country to the level where Pakistan and its policies have become a laughing stock in the eyes of the world.

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