The system is sick , and badly block the space for enthusiastic youth to change the system


Iftikhar Kazmi, Islamabad
Islamabad: 18 March 2022: The system is sick, not fully performing. In this system, only the rich, both feudal, and traders, corrupt, and incompetent - with long criminal record - can get to the Parliament. Now, all these thugs, in collusion with commercial Moulvis, and saleable opportunists, are trying to dislodge anti-status quo, and reformist Imran Khan. The next 10 days will reveal if they can succeed in their sinister campaign. When every interest, and pressure group is sniping at Khan, he must be doing something damned good for the nation. What is the Establishment up to? Distraught people continue to guess. It cannot afford to preside over continued uncertainty, and chaos. Time to rein in outlaws.The system is hostage to the corrupt elite sitting in the parliament in the garb of sham democracy and therefore totally dysfunctional!

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