The traits that will help you to get her, despite being average in your life , you can have the love of your life


Hyderabad: 7 May 2022: Am I a romantic? Oh yes, I'm a very romantic soul. Do I love the love notes, the personal written poems out of the blue, my favorite flowers just because, date nights, holding my hand, touching the dimple on my lower back, running your fingers through my dark brown hair, saying sweet things in my ear making me feel beautiful and wanted and all those special things? Definitely. Yes, I love the mushy side of romance. I'm that kinda girl. But that's only one side of romance for me. Romance isn't all lovey dovey in my eyes. It means so much more to me. Romance can be dark and moody, captivating like your favorite crime novel, burning and feverish with desires, powerful feelings exchanges and glances, intense passion never known before that you can't get enough of, longing for each other, sensuality just oozing out of their bones, a ball of chaos that is so divine that your whole world becomes a sky of lightening strikes with one touch, one kiss. One motion of his hand around my neck, one swift motion holding my hands up above my head as he kisses me. One phrase whispered in my ear sending chills up my spine 'what do you say?', he said. One look motioning for me to get into. One growl next to my face as his mouth is tangled in my hair. Did I want the flowery, suagry, mushy side of romance? Of course I did. But I also wanted the type of romance only he can give me. And he knows exactly which romance switch to turn on when I'm with him. He just knows. And I think that's the art of being with a girl like me. Knowing me so well that he knows my moods, my gaze, my word cues, my needs, and wants to the point of naturally knowing which side of romance is knocking at the door that night.

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