There is no Loadshedding in Hyderabad, HESCO Chief Muhammad Roshan


Hyderabad: 23 June 2024: In Hyderabad, electricity load shedding has completely ended: HESCO Chief Muhammad Roshan Oatho HESCO Chief Muhammad Roshan Oatho held a press conference regarding the severe electricity load shedding issues in the city of Hyderabad. Speaking to the media, HESCO Chief stated that electricity supply is now continuous for 20 hours on all feeders in Hyderabad.

A journalist asked, "Sir, the room you are currently sitting in is being powered by a generator, yet you're saying that the citizens are receiving electricity for 20 hours?" Muhammad Roshan Oatho responded confidently in front of the camera, "There is a fault in our office's main breaker, which is why this room's lights are running on the generator."

The journalist replied, "Sir, I am not an electrician, but I do know that if there's a fault in the main breaker, until it's fixed, the lights won't come on," prompting everyone present to start murmuring in disbelief. HESCO Chief left the press conference abruptly. "These are our HESCO Chiefs who are unaware that a faulty breaker not only affects the generator's lights but also disrupts household electricity supply," the journalist concluded.

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