They Lost their precious lives to the conservative minds


Karachi: 31 October2021: Clockwise from top left: Nasir Abbas, Mohammad Zaki Khan, Baqir Abbas, Naiyer (Abbas) Mehdi Zaidi. Martyred at October , 2016, just before Maghrib around 6 pm in front of our house, in Nazimabad, Karachi, through indiscriminate firing by two men. They were attacking and terrorizing a small group of women and children inside the house, mostly our family and friends, who were holding a commemorative mourning for the household of Prophet of Islam that was slaughtered 1400 years ago in the desert of Karbala in Iraq. The attacking men were difficult to identify, apparently young, wearing helmets with visors down, in dark clothes and spiked boots, came and escaped on a bike. A gentleman Nadeem and a lady Kaneez were also martyred by them. Four others were injured seriously.
It's been five years since then. There has been no effort by the government to comfort or reassure surviving victims and families. The government did not look for and bring to justice the two terrorists. This is the same response as in most cases of thousands of Pakistanis killed in sectarian attacks since the monster raised it's head initially in 1980s encouraged by policies started by Ziaul Haq and many of which are still continuing. Other vulnerable groups such as women, children, ethnic and religious minorities, poor, weak, continue to suffer similar indifference at the hand of population, media, and establishment. What good are all claims to nationalism and faith? As Imam Ali said, "An unIslamic government may last for a while but tyranny cannot endure!"

Afia Salam

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