Time to reflect?

Iftikhar Hussain Kazmi
Islamabad: 4 May 2022: IK has rarely been accused of inaction. He generally acts upon what he vows. To his discredit, he is too simple. He doesn’t copycat the shenanigans of crooked politicians. Later this month, IK is marching to Islamabad together with legions of his supporters. They will be in hundreds of thousands, if not more. This is a moment of truth. His critics, and adversaries, embedded in the esblishment, and outside it, need to reflect on the consequences of this incoming, seismic show of peoples’ power. Do IK’s opponents want to continue destabilising the country, and undermining the economy, and national security.
This is a time for the establishment to “intervene” on behalf of common citizens, and pursuant to the oath that they took to defend, and protect the country. There is no safer course other than setting up of a caretaker government, and calling for new elections in next 90 days, under a non-partisan EC. How will the establishment do it? No issue. It has the requisite expertise to do it. It can repeat performance what it has been not so invisibly doing since early March this year that led to the fall of IK. It is disastrous to let the neo Nero play flute while the country seethe with resentment, and indignation.

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