Timeline of party leader leaving PTI


Hyderabad: 28 May 2023: May 27: PTI creates seven-member teams for discussions after Ali Zaidi, Imran Ismail, and Khusro Bakhtiar quit
Between May 24 and May 26, Asad Umar resigns from his party responsibilities, and a number of other party officials also leave PTI, according to the interior minister. Imran requests immediate conversations with authorities, and the health minister provides information on Imran's post-arrest medical report.
May 20–23: More PTI leaders part ways as the process to try May 9 rioters under army and anti-terrorism laws gets underway.
May 17–19: Tension in Zaman Park; Imran receives pre-arrest bail in three cases including May 9
May 13–16: The government condemns CJP and promises to take action against "PTI arsonists"; the NSC approves prosecuting riots under army laws; PDM stage a day-long sit-in outside SC

May 11–12: Imran is released after the SC rules the arrest was unconstitutional and the IHC grants general relief

May 9–10: Imran is detained; riots break out; social media and internet access is restricted; ISPR phrases 'Black Chapter' on May 9.

What they did is coming infront of them, its not only their loss but they have made the lives of folloers difficult too. 

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