Tosha khana gifts


Karachi: 24 October 2022: By one report, It is revealed that Imran khan possess list of tosha khana gifs. The list is as following.
The List will Blow your Mind:
1. One Decoration Piece
2. One Table Mat
3. One Decoration Piece (from another person)
4. One Locket
5. Model of Makkah Clock Tower
6. One Decoration Piece
7. One Wall Hanging
8. One Decoration Piece
9. One Watch
10. Pair of Cufflinks
11. One Pen
12. One Ring
13. One Wall Hanging
14. One Watch
15. One Flower Vase
16. One Tea Set
17. One Watch for Men
18. One Watch for Women
19. One i-Phone
20. Two Suits for Men
21. One Perfume
22. One Perfume
23. One Perfume
24. One Perfume
25. One Violet Samsonite
26. One Violet Aigner
27. One Ball Pen
28. One Decoration Piece
29. Eight Books
30. One Wall Hanging
31. One Decoration Piece
32. One Decoration Piece
33. One Frame
34. One Flower Vase
35. One Carpet
36. One Frame
37. One Wooden Box (Table Watch, Card Holder and Paper Weight)
38. One Box (One Gown, Oud Wood and Two Small Perfumes)
39. One Carpet
40. One Calligraphy
41. One Flower Vase
42. One Carpet
43. One Model of freaking Truck even
44. Wall Hanging
45. One Paper Wall Hanging
46. One Box (One Box of Oud Wood, Two Bottles of Attar and One fvcking Tasbeeh - Halal theft?)
47. One Decoration Piece
48. One Box (One Locket, One Pair of Ear Tops, One Ring, One Ring (another), One Bracelet and One Bracelet (another). All made of Gold and Diamonds. Plus One Decoration Piece)
49. One Decoration Piece (Horse's Model)
50. One Decoration Piece (Plate with Stand)
51. Two Boxes containing Dates
52. Two Jai e Namaz
53. Two Tasbeehs
54. Six Bottles of Honey
55. One Piece of Carpet Duly Framed
56. One Decoration Piece (Turquoise)
57. One Watch
58. One The Holy Quran (Astaghfirullah)
59. One Decoration Piece (Markhor)
60. One Shield
61. One Wool Carpet
62. One Calligraphy
63. One Hand Bag for Women
64. One Box (One Watch, Pair of Cufflinks, One Ring and Unstitched Cloth of Pent Coat)
65. One Box (One Necklace, One Bracelet, One Ring and Pair of Ear Rings)
66. One Carpet
67. One Wall Hanging
68. One Wall Hanging (Frame)
69. One Decoration Piece (Artificial Flower Tray)
70. One Carpet
71. One Carpet
72. Noritake Dinner Set (26 Pieces)
73. Noritake Dinner Set (34 Pieces)
74. Pair of Cufflinks
75. Gemstones of Sri Lanka
76. Tasbeeh
77. One Box (Oud Wood, Two bottles of Oud and Two Chogas)
78. One Box (3 Packets of Dates, 3 Bottles of Honey, 3 Bottles of Olive Oil and 3 Packets of Coffee)
79. One Book (Craft of Kingdom)
80. One Box (One Necklace, Pair of Earings, One Ring and One Bracelet)
81. One Chess Board and Chess Pieces
82. One Model of Door of the Khana Kaaba
83. One Onyx Bowl
84. One Model of Key of Door of the Holy Kaaba
85. One Box (Oud Wood, Two Bottles of Oud Oil and Three Chogas)
86. One Box (Six Bottles of Olive Oil and Two Bags of Khawlani Coffee)
87. One Box (5 KG Dates, Two Books and One Golden Plate and Glass)... And a few more (Gold Plated Rifle, "Chainak" etc)
-Compiled by MD Umair Khan

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