Train escapes disaster near Noshero Feroz

NOSHERO FEROZ: 06, OCTOBER, 2021: Sir Syed Express escaped a major disaster as railway track was blown up near Pad Eidan railway station in Noshero Feroz district, Sindh province on Wednesday morning.

According to details, the passenger train Sir Syed Express miraculously passed only minutes before when the railway track in Kot Lalu area of Sukkur was blown up. 

At least two and a half feet railway track was blown up in the blast while no loss of life or injuries was reported in the incident.

Sources said rail traffic on the Up Railway Track was suspended after the explosion. The railway police officer confirmed that there was a cracker explosion on the uptrack. 

Railway officials and a heavy contingent of police along with bomb disposal squad (BDS) experts rushed at the location after the explosion. (04)

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