Trans lives matter


Karachi: 1 April 2022: Meanwhile the only law that we have was attacked two days earlier by JI's lone senator who stated that it's "promoting homosexuality".
This what our current fearmongering fake politicians and our colonizers had in common. They used "eunuch" instead of transgender and used "habitual sodomite" in lieu of homosexual.the argument hasn't changed over 160 years.
What has changed is our community. We are stronger than before, more educated than before, and more politically aware than before. Each and every one of us is aware of what is happening around us and we won't bow down on our own land and on our own soil. We've been colonized for far too long to let these fascists beat us down again.
Jaagi Jaagi, Moorat Jaagi
A very happy transgender day of visibility to all gender non-binary, non-conforming, and transgender people all over the world and especially in Pakistan.Chand, Mano, Sameer, Coconut, Gul Panra, Dolphin. Khwaja Sira killed in past few days in Pakistan, memorialised at vigil organised by Islamabad’s trans community.
Powerful, moving, & tragic speeches. When will they be safe?
Dr Moiz Hussain

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