True spirit of fasting


Hyderabad: 4 April 2022: I only eat and drink but I am fasting!
Some young men saw that an old man was busy in eating something, a young man went near and asked - Baba Jan, did you not fast?
The old man replied why not! I have fasted but I only drink water and eat food.
No soldiers laughed and said, can this happen?
The old man replied yes why not! I don't lie, I don't have evil eyes on anyone, I don'T abuse anyone, I don’t hurt anyone, I don`t eat haraam goods, and I do my responsibility, and fries with kindness!
But I have a severe disease so I can't fulfill the responsibility of fasting!
Then that old man asked those young men, are you also fasting?
One of them no jawans responded slowly in a very substantial voice.... No we just don't eat food.

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