Turkish kid donated his Trip savings for the flood victims


Ankara, 17 ,9, 2o22 , A Turkish boy’s post to Pakistani ambassador in Ankara: “Dear Ambassador, I am upset by the floods in Pakistan and I feel their pain. My prayers are with them, my mother recites for them all day, and my family wishes them well. I had kept 50 lira for a school trip but sending it to you, for Pakistan.”
For all those making light of Imran Khan's fundraising telethons, whose coverage the govt and their handlers studiously blocked in a telling manifestation of hypocrisy in denying the millions of hapless flood victims potential relief. Also, the specific Party's PR machine whose toadies were jumping up and down portraying the pledges (just because the intern FM was representing Pakistan at the flash appeal) as a case of the scion having "beaten" IK to the collection in an hour or so. !

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