Two men broke into Shah Rukh Mannat Home

Mumbai: 3 March 2023: Two fervent Shah Rukh Khan admirers made the decision to act independently and attempted to violate security by breaking into the star's house. They could only climb the outer wall before being apprehended by security. The men said during the police investigation that they had travelled from Gujarat and wanted to see SRK. The police were informed, and a case has been filed against the young men. They range in age from 20 to 22 according to the news agency ANI. According to the Indian Criminal Code, a case has been opened against them for trespassing and other other offences.
Mannat received a new entrance gate and an LED nameplate in 2022 that lights at night. It is a well-known spot that fans frequently visit and stop to snap pictures of, and to the joy of followers, King Khan also makes appearances on his balcony on certain occasions.
Khan is currently savouring the success of Pathaan, his most recent film, which had the largest opening weekend in Indian film history. The movie reportedly grossed INR 530 million on its first day at the Indian box office, according to Indian media. Not only were critics happy to see the actor return to the big screen after a four-year absence, but they also burned posters and demonstrated against the movie's themes.

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