Violence on Maryam Orangzeb,Why saudi arabia needs to take firm Actions against Morally depraved lepers


Saudi Arabia: 30 April 2022: Why The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs to take Firm Actions against the politically polarised ,intellectually stagnated ,and morally depraved lepers who created mayhem in the most Sacred Mosque in Madina :
1.The Kingdom fears future politically-motivated and sactrine-oriented plots on the soil.
2.It is tantamount to challenging the security apparatus of the Kingdom.
3.It is blatant interference and disruption of state to state level relations .
4.It can dent the blooming tourism industry of the Kingdom.
5.It can tarnish Kingdom's image as a reforming and transforming state . can a precedent among the immigrant communities to resort to such tactics against their respective political opponents.
7.It can radicalise the youth . can be used for murderous tactics against locals and non locals .

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