Virat Kohli trolled, his ten month old daughter gets rape threats, over a comment


New Delhi: 3 November 2021: My blood is boiling and my hands shiver while I type this stupidity of people on a simple comment of Virat Kohli... Just because Virat Kohli supported Muhammad Shami against the spineless trolling he received for his rel¡gion, Virat's 10 MONTHS (read again) old daughter received r#pe threats... Do we really breathe the same oxygen as these people?? It is only Cricket FFS! And what Virat said was so brave and true! He only said that judging someone for their rel¡gion is wrong.. How is that statement problematic? And even if he is wrong, HOW CAN SOMEONE TARGET A BABY? I am so appalled.. As I always say... society has ALWAYS targeted a woman (baby girl here, sigh) just to get back at a man. This never changed. It is no different than when a Jirga allows g@ng r#pe of a girl for the crime of her brother. I'm horrified. And I am so sorry for Virat Kohli, more power to him for being a real man.
Khadija Abbas

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