Lahore: 21 /8/2022: Alas! A part of us has died with Nayyar Noor. The petite, innocent looking singer was a part of our memorable youth and the ghazals, milli naghmas and hymns she rendered so mellifluous, these will never be forgotten. Ay Jazba-e-eDil, Watan Ki Mitti, Kabhi Hum Khoobsurat The, Roothe Ho Tum Tumko Kaise Manaa’yn, Hum Ke Thehre Ajnabi, Ay Ishq Hamein Barbaad Na Kar are some of the golden hits of an era that one can recall in a jiffy. Unlike most of our music legends, she wasn’t born into a musical family or even had any formal training, but that love of Urdu literature and being a student of Faiz Ahmed Faiz played a significant role in her embrace of singing as a passion. Her endearing smile and persona will live on in our collective memory just like Kitabo’n Mein Bassi Khushbo Ki Manind!
RIP, Nayyara. Such sad news. She was my favourite. Knew her and her family personally.I was already in awe of her singing years ago when she and her husband Shehryar Zaidi walked into my classroom for their niece’s parent day conference. My first teaching job at a Karachi Montessori. How amazingly down to earth she was. She will always stay alive in our hearts thru her melodious songs.

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