Hyderabad: 10 ,October 2022 : When women come together,
something magical happens.
It’s science, the mystical kind,
and it’s an unstoppable force,
to be reckoned with.

When women come together,
they connect,
on a deeper level,
both spiritually and cellularly.
Souls nodding in alignment, I see you.

Put women together for long enough
and their cycles will sync.
If that is not an example of the wondrous, connective majesty of womanhood,
what is my friend, what is?

When women come together,
an unseen wall is fashioned,
built from the wisdom of the breaks,
we have all endured,
and the passion to scream louder,
so that those beneath us can hear,
and need not suffer the same.

When women come together,
and tell their stories,
the good and the bad,
the power created is a tsunami of strength and intuition.
Washing us all on to better things.
A wave of majesty, wisdom and connection.

When women come together,
we are, quite frankly, intimidating.

So watch out for those will keep us apart.
They are afraid.

We are not.

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