Water is sacred and it has life


Dr Moiz Awan
Hyderabad:17 May 2022: Men have travelled miles to get a taste of the Aab- e- Zam Zam, a vague attempt at touching that of paradise for that fountain spring is said to flow from the heavens.
For centuries men have bathed in the waters of the Ganges and Yamuna, a futile act of self purification, with the belief that they could rid themselves of the sins of this earth.
At birth children are baptized in the waters of the font, a sacred act of welcoming this tiny being into the world of Christendom. Guru Nanak disappeared into the bosom of water only to re-emerge as the leader of the Sikhs, many following his word with the belief that it was then that he visited the heavens.
In the subcontinent many still lament the loss of their five waters, for five were the prayers, five were the lights burning in temples, five were the k’s worn by the Sikhs, five were the wounds of Christ on the cross. Water, the basic giver of life out of which life is born, also nourishes it and can with one clean sweep bring to an end all that lives.
The life line of the city of Lahore has been the Ravi, from Iravati, the elephant that Indra rode, the bringer of thunder. It was by the Ravi that tombs arose, Ghats descended and temples flourished. And now the poisoned, choked Ravi dies a slow unsung death, no swan song laments its loss, no cry raises to the heavens, no great trumpeting adorns the fall of the mighty elephant.
(a friend, Awais Azhar penned this in 2013 and my Facebook memories brought it back - a painful reminder 9 years later of how far we've come along the climate crises - Indus in Sindh is dry today and 60% of our mango production is lost to the heat)

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