What Musharaf did in his tenure? his positive and negative steps for the Country

Hyderabad: 8 Feb 2023: General Musharaf in a short Glance: His positive and Negative impacts of Policy on Pakistan.
He was born in Dehli, but raised in Karachi Pakistan, and went to a convent school in Karachi. Then joined the Pak army and took part in 65 and 71 wars.
He later became a High command General in Pak Army on 7 October 1999 after the 5th day on 12 October 1999 he abrogated the constitution. God knows how hard those 5 days would have been without abrogating the constitution and refraining from politics.
He was Pakistan's 10th president since independence. Not once but twice abrogated the constitution in 1999 and 2007 as well.
He was the darling of Washington DC, and has been involved with them in the war against terrorism and received heavy Aid.
His era is marked with controversy:
2001 Referendum, and LFO ( Legal Frame Work order), the Killing of Bugti in Balochistan, severe damage to Balochistan, the Assassination of Benazir Bhutto, NRO( National Reconciliation Order to Nawaz Sharif), and losing important points of Kargil to Indian, unnecessary skirmishes with Neighbours, Misogynistic comments on Women and Rape survivors
Musharaf's Positive steps:
General Pervaiz Musharaf Stabilised the economy, provided Liberal and democratic norms and the opportunity to thrive in free media, and liberal society, and Increased the number of seats for women in the Pakistani assemblies.
He created more and more employment opportunities, housing industries were running, and Pakistan was not dependent on IMF, because he was a close ally, a very close ally of the USA.
There was already heavy funding for Pakistan from the USA.
He came under pressure after 9/11 and provided air spaces and bases to Washington DC, laying the foundation of PMLQ and APML but it failed to gather the support of the masses.
His blunders include providing the passage to the USA jets "Airline of communication the Airlock. To use this line of communication before going to Afghanistan to the USA jets to use Pakistani air space.
2nd were GLOC ground lines of communications both signed in 2002. In his own words, the Military was the beneficiary. Afia Siddique's handover was also done in his time, and Daniel pearl's assassination of the Wallstreet journal was also in his time. In his own words, he has given people off for just $ 5000 USA to those people who were in the interest of the USA.
He step down as the Chief of the army staff in 2007 and in Aug 2008 stepped down as the president of Pakistan.
Salma Soomro

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