What happens when you fail to establish communities and culture of care?

Dr Moiz Mehrab
Karachi: 4 Feb 2023: What happens when you fail to establish communities and cultures of care?
All your trauma of class, gender, race, and morality, gets projected on to people that you consider inferior to yourself - simply because you haven't healed from your trauma yet.
This is why unsurprisingly, transphobia in Pakistan will now be spearheaded by cisgender married (or desperately wanting to get married) women in Pakistan way more than their male counterparts.
Women have faced the brunt of moral policing and patriarchy clearly in Pakistan, but the struggles of khwajasira and trans people were invisible. Now that society has someone other than women to blame for "fahashi" and "Islam dushmani", opportunistic women will gladly jump on this bandwagon to restore their lost honor.
We can rationalize it and understand it, but it remains what it is - deflection and cowardice.
Hold your grounds trans folks; the allies are allies and show themselves as allies. Every "woman" isn't an ally. They've barely been allies to their own kind, that is other women, so expecting them to be allies for other marginalized people is stupid.
Yeh bibiyan hain, jo zojgi ka khiraaj denay qatar dar qatar muntazir khari hain.
Women have destroyed other women every possible way in their quest to land a viable husband in this patriarchal shitfest society. What part of you makes you believe they won't do the same to trans people, when being transphobic is now glamourized and in fashion?

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