What you see when you look into her eye..unending love..


Hyderabad: 17 \8\2022: We have always been told that we deserve a love that's sure. But it's impossible to deny that these naive heartbeats fire up with the stolen glances of a new soul with an indecisive mind. You know that pain awaits. It's as if you were sleeping on a cliff that's about to have an erosion. You'd stay there—wishing for it not to break but also waiting to know when it would break.
The warmth is different when you know that the arms that are holding you don't belong to you. It'll burn your skin, because at the same time, those arms aren't the ones that your skin yearns for. Does it fill the void? To stay with each other when both of you are waiting for somebody else's soul. You were never for each other, you were never friends, you'll never be lovers—but kisses were stolen, isn't it thrilling? A stranger you know so well will either save you or lead you to hell.
When you are left by the person who promised to be sure of you, will you still believe that you deserve a love that's sure? Wouldn't seeking a thrill with uncertainties and passive moments fill your wounded soul? Your soul will always crave chaos after months of your so-called healing and maintaining peace. A disappointed heart couldn't be more disappointed. It'll turn numb, to the point that it could be like a decoy to give to those strangers that seek your attention.
Love doesn't exist anymore after being left by the love of your life. Love will never be sure. Every stranger that you'd lure in would just be another heart to break; even promising lovers are just another thrill to seek.

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