Whatever happened in your life contributed in forging your character, nothing wasted.

Karachi: 28 June 2022: I opened my palm and traced the broken lines older people said that have something to tell about my future. It is 2 am and I feel more and more alienated from everything that belongs to the world and now even this body feels so foreign, as though I'm a soul so desperate to be freed. A part of me wants to slow down, take more deep breaths until I'm once again ready to face the lingering uncertainty of what's ahead of me. But there's also a huge part of me that tells me that the world keeps on moving around and I don't have the luxury of time to waste because nothing and no one will wait till I'm ready to come out. But why can't I recognize where these broken lines are leading me to? I feel trapped and it hurts and it's just so crazy because I can't point out which part of me is broken. As if I'm a held prisoner by my own fate that says no matter what I do, roads that I want to take, I will just keep on coming back to the same place that is meant for me. But what and where am I truly meant for? Will I be something, someone, that my younger self would be proud of?
Don't Wait. Give thanks— because everything...*everything* contributed. Nothing was wasted in forming and forging your character. Your wanting to reach out to other people in sympathy. Your sensitivity to pain. Your compassion, patience and tolerance. Your own fortitude. Your insight. All of it because you learned something along the way. Every person is a catalyst. And you are who you are because of them. This is a key to understanding. This is a secret of wisdom. Make peace with your life, and those who’ve been in it. Cherish the ones who still matter. Love, accept, and be free.

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