When Beggars of IMF try to become the choosers


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 29 October 2021: Even if we do not talk about inflation, devaluation, and other economic matters. Pakistan is going through very critical times. Pakistan is on the FATF list. Out of 27, Pakistan has completed 26 points, whereas the last point is about punishing, starting cases against the radical people and organizations.
Whatever issue Pakistan is facing today is 40 years old almost, from economy to radicalization.
Political Sphere: Pakistan wants to be free in the political sphere to take its decision independently.
Economic Sphere: Pakistan, like Afghanistan, can crumble down in two days if the foreign money, the money from the West does not pour into the Pakistani system. Most of the defense expenditure and government salaries are being given from their aid ' Khairat' if we put in into harsh reality.
Pakistan uses weak undemocratic undiplomatic language when the USA questions and inquired even Europeans and Saudis do not use such language. When the government is questioned about why Biden has not made a call to Pakistan, the government and PTI officials says that he must be busy.
In reality: the Taliban does not listen to Pakistan, Pakistan does not have any mammoth leverage. But the problem is that the world does not trust Pakistan anymore on that page.
Pakistan's president said they can give amnesty to those who shed blood of Pakistan and its innocent children of APS Students. Taliban said they will not give Pakistan any amnesty. Pakistan continue to say the Afghan Taliban to remove TTP, but they refused categorically. Taliban force Pakistan to work for recognition so that they can get 7 billion from western banks, forcing Pakistan to work for it. In the name of recognition china and Russia and Iran are on the sideline. Only Pakistan is there. At the regional level, the states are not willing to accept them.
Pakistan's irony: Our 70 thousand people were killed, Pakistan remained quiet until they broke into the Cantt and killed our children. earlier than this we were busy making agreements, funding them, coaxing them. What have we done to stop the events that could save our remaining people from being killed like our previous fellows? The current Government pushed the Whole country into conspiracy theories. Chaos, Anarchy, and revolution would be counterproductive. Such stark reality made us realize that the world has never seen any irresponsible and oblivious person to the reality as IK and his failed team that changes and reshuffle after every next week.

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