When it comes to governance, IK is far ahead of leaders of both parties


Iftikhar Kazmi
Islamabad: 21 June 2022: When it comes to governance, IK is far ahead of “leaders” of both parties:
GDP grew by 5.6% in July, 2021-April, 2022, according to IMF;
Current account deficit decreased;
Revenue generation surged;
Exports exceeded US$32 billion;
Foreign remittances thus far have reached US$31.5 billion;
Never defaulted on debt servicing;
World recognised Pakistan’s systemic campaign against COVID 19;
Economy was hit by soaring oil prices. IK declined to give unlimited subsidy to consumers. That in part fuelled inflation;
Targeted subsidy given, including launching of Ehsas, and youth business programmes;
In the wake of changing geopolitical situation, IK chose to visit Russia for negotiating a better deal each in fuel, and wheat imports, after having intra-governmental consultations, including the Youknowwho. The Youknowwho privately conveyed to their Youknowwho in Washington that the former were not consulted on IK’s visit to Russia. Liers;
For decades, we have had transactional relations with the US. It always looked down on us, as did the Gulfi Arabs. It was IK who refused to give drone bases to the Yanks in Pakistan. They were not accustomed to receiving such a dauntless reply from Pakistan.
Hence, the regime-change in Pakistan. The Yanks co-opted dime a dozen local Mir Jaffars;
Who is at fault?
Let’s be fair with IK.
We expect a better appraisal of IK’s leadership from enlightened, professionals.

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