When she was with him, everything drifted away like a fog dissipating over a lake

Hyderabad: 17 March 2023: "She didn't know which direction she was going in, or where to turn. All she knew was she needed to be near him. Yes, need. Not, want. There's a difference. A 'Want' is something you desire and crave to have. A 'Need' is something you view essential and important, maybe even for your survival or inner peace. She NEEDED to be near him. He was her peace to her turmoil, her calmness to her storms, her quiet to her loudness, her safety and security... to her unpredictable, treacherous emotions and thoughts whirling inside of her. He was her steady within her chaos. When she was with him, everything drifted away like a fog dissipating over a lake slowly in the late morning. He was her home. Her other half. He felt something was wrong even when he wasn't with her. What a connection they have. Unlike any other she ever experienced. He was also her romance and passion she found in no other. He took rise to something primal and deep awakenings inside her. He fed her Victor Hugo and Fitzgerald during the day, then Hemmingway and Poe at night. He showed her his darkness like no other, and she showed him- hers. He saw the raw open side of her she never showed anyone. And for once, she was totally comfortable with that. He's still the only one that gets to see all the sides of her. And vice versa. So two worlds collided that may never have been meant to be, but fit perfectly within their puzzle pieces interlocking so tightly, their bond was unbreakable. This wasn't any ordinary love by all means. This is a love that could start wars with what they feel for each other, and constellations being named by the Gods to keep them eternal."

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