Why the sheer stupidity on tiktok and useless content is getting millions views...


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 7 April 2022: Survival has been the basic phenomenon in human history. Great Nations have stable political , intellectual system and their culture have been high, and this was the reason why they emerged on the international level. Renaissance gives freedom from orthodoxies, and backwardness as a result critical thinking emerged. For this purpose, Art played an important role. Great nation’s culture is responsible for their development.
Renaissance played an important part:
Renaissance: It played an important part to enhance intellectual capabilities to a great level. One’s own thoughts developed due to renaissance, Individualism enhanced, human rights importance increase gradually. German philosopher Michelangelo, Davinci were a contributor to the renaissance , due to the renaissance dark history of human’s ended. They had good artist, and philosophers.
Davinci: contribute to the renaissance, German culture truly worked for their national uplifting.
Famous Welsh: was good pianist, people come to listen to his piano.
Richard Wagner: was the ideal of welsh, wrote books on Schopenhauer’s philosophy they all made German a highly sophisticated country with its art and artisan qualities.
Artist represents country: Unfortunately in recent times Pakistan having low-quality artists, the tiktok ulcer well suited to modern psychology. One can see the level of modern artist is available at TikTok in present day. Tiktok Factors fit well in today's time Its attention span last only for 15 to 30 seconds long, provide consistent dopamine supply is given to the youth. This is a happy hormone. Over consumption of entertainment is killing the capability of critical thinking, learning skills and education from the youth. Tiktok is well suited to modern psychology, youth is apolitical, don't study history neither they can take the seriousness of any matter for more than 15 to30 seconds and tiktok just give the option to swipe up. It provide consistent supply of dopamine, like drug addicts As a result mostly people complain to their psychologist or friends that their day just vanished away.
Unfortunately, it made a useless celebrity class on TikTok. The majority is doing foolish, they don't have creativity and originality but they are famous, with millions of followers. Pity on those who follow shallowness. One of the TikTok celebrity has 4 million subscribers, all stupid, they endorse the stupidity, he does nothing except climb like the stupid person, the irony is that what the hell, people are watching.
Women at titok are all doing the same: endorsing the already constipated standard of beauty, fair color, height, fashion and beauty standards are all well-defined, increasing complexity in the younger girls to look always pretty and confined to these norms to be beautiful.
Simulacra and Simunlacrant: concept
Simulacra: copy of the copy
Simulation: copy of original
Tiktokers are doing nothing but they are making copies of the copy on TikTok. These tiktokers don’t need anything, no production house, no professional camera and gadget. Now such people are ruling, Governor Punjab Choudhry Sarwar invited tiktokers to spread awareness on the Covid. Copy of the copy will be given importance on the legitimate one, they are benchmarks. Baudrillard said: third stage simulacrum comes before original, and become superior. It’s the truth that difficult thing, complex or worthy can not be understood in 30 seconds. Truth is in complexity. you have to get rid of this Where there is no individuality, no creativeness.
Nietzsche said “ they guard their holy simplicity, and all that is not simple is unholy to them”
Herd problem: Currently everyone is following the trend, whether it is meaningful or not, they does not know even what they are doing but the craze of trending, they are nothing but a useless brick in the trend.
It would be pertinent to mention that the creative thinker does not agree on the mass level. He or she does not work for mass endorsement.

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