Yes she is the perfect girl, she has Fire in her eyes and constellations in her soul.


Hyderabad: 8 June 2022: You met your match with her. Both heaven and hell. Fire in her eyes and constellations in her soul. Twinkling stars in her veins, and abstract art in her bones. She feels everything or nothing. She overthinks at 3am, and her mind is calm at noon. She's the bridge of in betweens. There's no rhyme or reason some days because she thinks with her emotions. Other times she makes perfect rational sense. In time you'll learn how to handle her. You know how she thinks and how she feels in any given situation. You can call it within minutes. Very few can do this. She doesn't let many into her mind and heart fully. But once you cross that bridge, she tosses the match and watches it burn as you're standing next to her, to not let anyone else cross to reach her that way again. Ever. That's how you know she loves you with everything. She never wants to be at that deep a level with anyone else. You'll be able to feel something is wrong even when you're not together simply because you sensed it from her. She will be able to do the same with you. That level. So what do you do with a girl like her? Love her just as deep. And when you think you've gotten deep enough...go deeper. Right there."

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