Your eyes were never emerald, but you felt like one.So endearing,gentle, just enough for my skin.

Hyderabad: 28 November 2021: Once, we had a time, a little lifetime. It's when stars almost perfectly aligned for us. You held me so dearly. You brought a fleet of stars and kiss it to me. I still feel them, lingering in my lungs. Your eyes were never emerald, but you felt like one. So endearing, so gentle, just enough for my skin. But my eyes were deep in space. While everyone awaits for us holding hands, I read tarot cards for this, questioned star signs like a freaking black hole. This courtship were mornings I craved, golden and promising until I tore them apart. Fault lines were dark red over my hands, but you caressed them anyway. That's when I knew I would hurt you. So I set you free, like the one that got away, but free.
Calendars were torn down and paths made way for us. A sip of coffee was telling how someone adores you now, same vibes, a fine line for you. God, that made me a folklore. I couldn't help to ask if it makes you float, you took your eyes away from me and said "it's fine. Just never the same with what we had." Bitten lips were hoping for a second chance, but giving you flower disease would really crush my heart. Honey, if there's anything I want for you, those were seven heavens replacing your ribcage. We could be anything you wanted us to be. I might wait for 11:11s, wishing you meet me not this early. But this feels just right, at least for our little infinity.
So, so long. Be happy

"What if thoughts"

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