Youth Quota Bill, FINALLY introduced in the National Assembly

Dr Moiz
Islamabad: 25 May 2022: Happy to share that this piece of paper I've been carrying around, this Youth Quota Bill, was FINALLY introduced in the National Assembly of Pakistan today. This is the first time the Bill was actually discussed in the Parliament. I've been told that 95% legislative proposals don't reach this stage so congratulations everyone.
The Bill was not opposed by any MNA in the Assembly today and has successfully moved to the next stage. Now, the Parliamentary Committee of Electoral Reforms will debate the Bill for approval.
Pakistan has one of the largest youth populations in the world. If passed, the Bill will make it compulsory for all political parties to give 30% election tickets & leadership positions to Pakistan's youth between ages of 25 and 35 especially those from underrepresented sections of society. The Bill also requires political parties to financially support election campaigns of its youth quota candidates to make sure that the working class, middle class young people can actually get benefit of this Bill

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