A Snake story of revenge, sometimes harm yourself in enmity


Hyderabad: 12 June 2022: It is said that a snake entered a carpenter's workshop After he left in the evening in search of food, It was the carpenter's custom to leave some of his tools on the table, including the saw. And while the serpent wandered here and there; His body passed over the saw, which led to a minor wound. He became confused and as a reaction, some saws tried to sting him, which led to blood flowing around his mouth. He did not realize what was happening, and thought that the saw was attacking him, and when he saw himself inevitably dead; He decided to make a final, strong and deterrent reaction, wrapping his entire body around the saw, trying to squeeze and suffocate him. The carpenter woke up in the morning and saw the saw and next to him a dead snake for no reason but his recklessness and anger. The lesson: Sometimes, in a moment of anger, we try to hurt others, but we realize too late that we are only hurting ourselves. Sometimes life needs to be ignored.. Ignore events, Ignore people, Ignore actions, Ignore words, accustom yourself to smart ignoring, not everything is worth your stopping!

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