Amid violence Train service stopped between Quetta and Chaman


Chaman: 8 July 2024: Train service between Quetta and Chaman has been stopped because of violence. People are demanding that a group of lawmakers look into the situation. The Foreign Office says people should have visas to cross the border. In Chaman, protests have been happening for three days. About 20 people got hurt, including eight police officers. 45 people got arrested for damaging things and attacking police.

The protests caused the train to stop running from Quetta to Chaman. The protesters were supposed to stay in one area, but they went onto the streets and started throwing things at shops. The protesters are upset because now people need passports and visas to cross the Chaman border.

Before, they only needed ID cards. Many businesses and government offices were closed on Friday because of the violent protests. Banks have been closed for a few days, and the National Bank even moved its staff to Qila Abdullah to keep its Chaman branch running. Some shops that opened in the morning were forced to close by angry protesters. The protesters also demonstrated in front of the FC headquarters in Chaman, throwing stones at the building.

Security forces like the Levies, police, and Frontier Corps used tear gas to break up the protesters who were attacking them with sticks. A senior police officer said that about 20 people, including eight security personnel, were hurt in the clashes, making the total injured around 60 in the past few days. The law department confirmed that 45 people who attacked police and Levies during the protests have been arrested.

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