Australian officials have not yet confirmed whether Indian spies were uncovered on their soil.


New Dehli: 1 May 2024:  A group of important Australian leaders didn't want to confirm news about Indian spies found in the country. These spies were allegedly trying to steal defense secrets and spy on Indian communities living in Australia.

The Australian Prime Minister and other top officials avoided answering questions about this. They said they wouldn't discuss intelligence matters. It was revealed in 2021 that Australia had discovered a group of foreign spies doing these things, but officials never said who they were working for. Now, reports suggest that these spies were from India.

This situation is uncomfortable for Australia because they have been building a strong security relationship with India. Australia, the United States, Japan, and India are part of a security group called the Quad.

The Australian Prime Minister was trying to build a good relationship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Despite concerns about Modi's government, Australia focused on improving trade and defense connections with India.

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